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I will be posting here monthly the audio and when possible the video.


I will be trying to being up to date information, updated daily.  The news blast today is:

Electric Airplanes.  With in 10 years the Democrats are promising no more fossil fuels for transportation.


The only answer is Electric Airplanes or each seat with a set of pedals, like on the Flintstones, every person has a set

of pedals and they keep pedaling through out the flight to make electricity to keep the air planes going.


Maybe they will have long extension cords that will plug in to a windmill someplace.

Let me know if you know how it will be done... I am very interested.


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Santa Ana suffers form NO PARKING spaces, although there are many parking spaces they have yet to be discovered, here is the discovery of more than 50 parking spaces that were right in front of our eyes.  It is a start.  Sorry for the quality of the video, I did not run the camera.


Freedom for China

Now is the time for revolution, change.  70 years of suppression is more than a life time.

End religious persecution

No matter what religion, it is bigger then the government

God given rights

To be stupid with out "identification cameras" run by the Chinese government

to see if you are a good citizen... WOW can you imagine that in the USA


Biden say's China is okay,  I may say the same thing if China had given me 1.5 BILLION dollars

That statement alone with the 1.5 BILLION dollars should keep him from being a candidate




Kaiser patients need to know!

Click here

Hillary was right - arbitration kills the little guy

Donald J. Trump In Costa Mesa Thursday

I will be posting the video after the 3 camera exit, this time there were camera's

pointed at the crowd, the facility seated 8200.  I have complete video of the seats.

Empty or full !

Trump Event


All kinds of ladies for Trump


The TRUMPetts




George Collins with Darrell Issa


 New Travel cooperation with Naza Lines Flight Tours at

Traveling with George moving to

 Cal Tech on the History of Energy and Nano-organic Solar Panels

 (Best to open in new tab, it is a Microsoft windows media file)



Trumps Hour long Press Connference


Uncovering story on the possible dangers of an SCJohnson Product

"Deep Woods Off with DEET"

Video/audio and scientific reports

MSDS sheet suggests product not to be stored in a closed area.

What is a closed area? A bathroom cabinet, a garage?

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