Donald J. Trump In Costa Mesa Thursday

I will be posting the video after the 3 camera exit, this time there were camera's

pointed at the crowd, the facility seated 8200.  I have complete video of the seats.

Empty or full !

Trump Event





All kinds of ladies for Trump


The TRUMPetts






George Collins with Darrell Issa


 New Travel cooperation with Naza Lines Flight Tours at

Traveling with George moving to

 Cal Tech on the History of Energy and Nano-organic Solar Panels

 (Best to open in new tab, it is a Microsoft windows media file)


Uncovering story on the possible dangers of an SCJohnson Product

"Deep Woods Off with DEET"

Video/audio and scientific reports

MSDS sheet suggests product not to be stored in a closed area.

What is a closed area? A bathroom cabinet, a garage?

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